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It’s Arrowhead, It’s Evian, It’s… Alkaline Water!

Posted December 24, 2011

Today, I find myself having a lovely afternoon. The sun is shining (even brighter now thanks to global warming), the birds are chirping (sadly there aren’t as many, because of the pollution), and my mocha latte is calling my name (literally begging me to drink its delicious calories). I am sitting here thinking to myself how great of a marketing strategy TOMS, Starbucks, and Apple have created and enforced. Then, in my magazine I noticed an ad for Alkaline Water (dun dun dun).
I remembered learning about the periodic table in school. Alkaline was always one of the easiest ones to remember, because I only had to think about the power and energy associated with the battery, but others were’t as easy to memorize (I mean, who thought that labeling Iron as FE would be a good idea?). Now, an undisclosed amount of years later,      I am reading about Alkaline in water. The ad actually asks me if I am feeling acidic or dehydrated. Now I don’t know about you, but I have never woken up in the morning thinking, “Wow, I feel really acidic right now.”
Since I was unaware of such a self-diagnosis, I decided to do a little research on Alkaline Water, and its possible effects on the body.My research shows that many chemists believe this water to be a gimmick, tricking people into believing that water with a higher amount of OH- molecules is better for ridding the body of acidic compounds. However, in order for water to be declared water, it has to have enough OH- and H+ molecules in order for the elements to balance each other out and neutralize.
This ad claims that “Alkaline water rids the body of toxic acid waste.” The importance of Alkaline exposure to the body plays into the fact that the pH must be held constant. When out of balance, a lack of energy becomes common, and one may feel less apt to eat, exercise, or frankly to be a kind, decent human being.
According to, a healthy diet full of nutrition can be coupled with a healthy amount of daily hydration in order to properly restore the body’s pH balance. For the ultimate chance of re-hydration, they claim that “Alkaline water containing ionic minerals acts as a conductor of electrochemical activity from cell to cell. Reports from studies suggest that ionized, alkaline water can help the body resist disease and slow aging by:

·       Increasing Intracellular Hydration

·       Replenishing Essential Minerals

·       Stabilizing and Protecting Cells

·       Helping To Maintain Normal Blood Flow and Acid Alkaline Balance

·       Flushing Out and Preventing Wastes from Accumulating in Cells.”

If you are convinced at all that Alkaline water is God’s gift to mankind, I recommend it as a holiday gift idea for anyacidic person in your life: The mailman keeps giving you the wrong mail? Alkaline Water! Your mother-in-law won’t stop complaining about how bad your carpet looks? Alkaline Water! Your boss just let you go this close to Christmas? Only half a jug of Alkaline Water!

I must go now, my dog won’t stop barking and I might just test out this Alkaline Water (JK Peta!).        *Laura*

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    rhondada test 10/24

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